Immerse UK's online guide to funding and finance in immersive technologies  

Immerse UK and the KTN have developed a new online guide to help UK immersive tech businesses source the right funding and investment to suit their needs and suit their product life-cycle and company stages.  

Developed by Immerse UK's Access to Funding and Finance Working Group, the directory includes public funding and private capital sources and will be regularly updated to keep you up-to-date with the latest investment opportunities. 

Please do get in touch with additional public funding opportunities or private investment sources suitable for inclusion.  


Public funding SOURCES

A variety of public funds are available for UK businesses developing immersive technology innovations and content – ranging from grant funding schemes to loan finance and government tax relief schemes. Public funding schemes and support are categorised into four areas:

  • UK Grant Funding. National and regional competitive, cost-recovery based grant schemes available for R&D, innovation, skills and business growth.
  • European Grant Funding. Pan European competitive, cost-recovery based grant schemes open to UK based businesses for R&D, innovation, skills and business growth.
  • UK Investment support. major sources of debt and equity finance and tax relief and capital allowance schemes available to UK based business.
  • European Investment support major sources of debt and equity finance and tax relief schemes available to UK based business.


Private Capital SOURCES

Providers of private sector capital span an array of organisations, ranging from those specifically targeting start-ups to ones focused only on later stage equity deals for high growth ventures.

The directory lists private capital providers with a declared interest in funding UK immersive technology innovations with four categories:

  • Accelerators Time limited support programmes, open by application, offering pre-seed and seed investment together with mentorship programmes, business training and technology advice. 
  • Angel investor networks Pre-seed and seed funding, typically ranging from £100k to £1m for technical development and market entry, accompanied by strategic advice and mentoring.
  • Corporate Venture Capital firms multi-national corporations that have created specific entities to invest in, develop and take equity stakes in smaller companies.
  • Venture Capital funds Funds managing money from investors seeking equity stakes in companies with strong growth potential. Characterised by higher investment levels (£1m+) for higher returns, with some exceptions, VC funds tend to focus on later stage deals.