Review of the Digital Jam's VR Writers Room Workshop

In September 2017, Immerse UK were proud to partner with Digital Jam on its VR Writers Room® Workshop.

The original VR Writers Room® Workshop was launched by Digital Jam in 2015 to understand what a cross section of entertainment sectors could contribute to the discussion around narrative design for Immersive Entertainment platforms (including Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality and all future Immersive formats). The outcome of this initial session led to a series of podcasts and a white paper which can be found on the Digital Jam website.

Following on from the initial findings and conclusions, a follow-up, closed door workshop was hosted at Sky's HQ . This was designed to evolve the discussion given the advances in the market and those engaged within it along with new and emerging challenges. The creation of a framework to progress the discussion around narrative design for Immersive Entertainment Formats was considered as an essential next step for the VR Writers Room®. Insights, potential challenges and possible solutions were openly discussed by participants. Four areas were discussed, including:

  1. Audience
  2. World building
  3. Technology and technique
  4. Narrative

Discussion points and findings for each areas have been developed into a summary review which can be downloaded here

Overall, the observations of the group remained closely aligned to the original research group findings, however there were key areas of shift, including:

  • The move into arena scale and social experience narrative design.
  • The consideration of complementary technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Geo fencing, face recognition, eye tracking, positional tracking.
  • The application of data to influence narrative design/user experience.
  • Alternative monetisation structures and opt out advertising.
  • Digital identity, including what classifies as digital identity, the protection of digital identity and the ethical standards associated to digital identity.

For further information on the VR Writers Room, contact Tanya Laird on

With thanks to our partner, Digital Jam

With thanks to our partner, Digital Jam