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VR Writers Room Workshop with Digital Jam Ltd

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As a leading authority within your sector on narrative design & creative storytelling we would be delighted if you could add your voice to the conversation during an upcoming VR Writers Room® Workshop event on 8th September.

The VR Writers Room Workshops bring together experts and thought leaders from across the VR and Entertainment industries to discuss the future of narrative design and creative storytelling for Immersive entertainment formats. This session is a live workshop hosted and moderated by the creator of the VR Writers Room®, Tanya Laird.


The original invitation only VR Writers Room® consisted of representation from the film, game, TV, comic, theatre, Immersive theatre, Transmedia and OOH (Theme Park) industries.


The results of the original research can be found here and include a 15 page whitepaper, more than 4 hours of podcasts and a summary infographic.


This session will continue the original discussion and explore the findings of the original VR Writers Room®.


13:00 - Register & Networking

13:30 - Session opens

15:00 - Break

15:30 - Session concludes

17:30 - Summary and Review

18:00 - Drinks and Networking in the Rooftop Bar

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