New Innovate UK funding:  Design Foundations


This new competition aims to support businesses in identifying high-value innovation opportunities and generate propositions for new products, services and business models. It is open to any UK company, regardless of size or sector and will provide up to £70,000 of project funding to help you address key business challenges such as:


- identifying and tackling the right problems 

- exploring and de-risking the development of initial concepts

- securing buy-in and support for new ideas and

- boosting internal innovation capacity 


This project will involve a collaboration with a design company, creative business or innovation consultancy who can bring the right tools to focus on optimal ways to respond to market pull, or put another way, help you deliver what people really need through using a human centred design approach.   The scope covers design for AR/VR. 


This programme runs for the whole of 2017. If it sounds of interest, do register for the launch event which is on 17 January 2017. You’ll get further insight into how to apply and you can also network to find the right collaborators, if you don’t already have someone in mind. There are further rounds in May and August so these may be appropriate if you need more development time. Further details on the programme are on KTN’s website.