Immerse UK was established in November 2016 and now has over 500 members across all sectors of the UK economy. Around 70% of these members are in business, 20% are from universities and research centres, 5% from government or public sector backgrounds, and a further 5% from not-for-profit and cultural organisations. 

Following on from the first members' meeting in December 2016, key areas were identified as being a priority for the membership. These were: 
- Access to finance, funding and investment
- Content, production and user experience
- Connecting industry and universities (skills and research)
- Industrial applications
- Mapping activity in the UK

As a result of this feedback, Immerse UK established sub-groups for each of these areas of activity in early 2017, recruiting individual members to chair the groups.

If you would like to be involved in any of the sub-groups, please contact Carrie Wootten on

Access to Finance and Funding
Immerse UK will work with investors and funders in the UK and other countries to make them aware of the opportunities and needs of SMEs building businesses on the applications of VR/AR and other immersive technologies across a range of markets. As well as advising public sector agencies such as Innovate UK and Horizon 2020, where we've already had significant success, we'll work to connect members with angels, VCs, and commissioners. 

Two events are currently being planned:

1 – One with VCs in collaboration with PwC – date tbc.

2 – Another with the European network, the NEM Initiative, to explore the feasibility of establishing a pan-European network of financiers focussing on VR/AR – date tbc.

Mapping Immersive activities in the UK
One of the objectives of Immerse UK is to map current expertise and activities related to VR/AR technologies. This map will support understanding of current UK expertise and facilities, to help companies gain access to the support they need, and also to link our members.
We are currently investigating a piece of software to assist with this aim, but if anyone has expertise, or has experience of creating/using a suitable off-the-shelf software, please contact

Content, Production and User Experience
Two main themes were raised in the members’ discussion in December 2016 around content:

-        Standards and “how can AV/VR & MR be explored to the boundaries of its potential experience, rather than using the grammar and content of games, web or 2D content”

-        What are the specific affordances of AR, VR, & MR that are more than the sum of the parts from TV, Film, Games, Industry and internet?

In the conversation around production, issues raised included the reduction of costs, and the need to educate and engage content providers working in all media.

The working group in this area is also being co-ordinated for Immerse UK by the Digital Catapult and KTN.

Connecting industry and academia (skills and research) 
Universities are well represented within the membership and Immerse UK continues to attract members from across academia.

An initial event is being planned at Ravensbourne on 5th April 2017.

An eventbrite link will be sent to members shortly, but if you would like to get involved in the group, please contact Carrie.

Industrial Applications - co-ordinated for Immerse UK by IET and High Value Manufacturing Catapult

The IET will be working with the High Value Manufacturing Catapult to organise Immerse UK’s activity in this area, with the first event held in January 2016.

The Applied Visualisation Forum was held at the British Motor Museum on 26th January. The forum encouraged those working in the field of visualisation and virtual reality (VR) to share their expertise, good practice, hardware and software advances, application in VR, Augmented Reality (AR), Data Capture, Visualisation,

Immerse UK is in the early stages of planning events focused on the many different sectors using immersive technology, starting with the construction industry,  if you want to be involved or have any event planned that could aid this process please contact Carrie.

We would also like to make a call for contribution towards the blog page on our website, we would like to share articles, event blogs, immersive stories and innovation from our members. Please send your blogs to

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