The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“SDGs”) are “A blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all people and the world by 2030”. There are 17 categories, ranging from “1-No Poverty” to “#4 – Quality Education” to “#14 – Life Below Water” which comprise a comprehensive collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a “blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all”. The SDGs were set up in 2015 by the United Nations General Assembly and are intended to be achieved by the year 2030.

Exponential Destiny – a 501c3 educational non-profit founded and run primarily by young entrepreneurs from under-resourced communities who have been up/re-skilled into Virtual Reality (VR) and Metaverse design professionals – is launching this educational competition with collaboration and support from the ITU (International Telecommunication Union) – the United Nations specialized agency formed to deliver on the promise of the digital economy. We are inviting student-age teams from around the world to compete in an exciting prize competition to create an immersive, experiential, and interactive Metaverse environment in virtual reality (VR) to bring awareness and education to the United Nations’ 17 SDGs.

For the “Metaverse for SDGs” Global Prize & VR Competition, small teams of 2 to 6 individuals each, may form and participate with team members located anywhere in the world. These teams will compete in one of two age-categories; age-group 14-18 or age-group 19+. Each team will choose one SDG, out of the 17, in which they would like to focus their creative efforts. Each team will choose one of several (low cost to free) Metaverse design platforms to “bring to life” their selected SDG in an immersive and experiential Virtual Reality environment which they create. Teams may continue to form and register to compete up until the final month of the competition, currently scheduled for March of 2023. At this time, the evaluation process will begin, and top performing teams will be selected as part of a process for filtering all competing team submissions down to the top semi-finalist experiences for EACH of the 17 SDGs across the two age group categories. Then in Q2 of 2023, the top-ranked team experience from each of the 17 SDGS (per the two age-group categories) will be awarded an “Overall Best Experience of Show” grand prize winner. This team will receive a cash award and related honors, and will be announced and featured at the United Nations ITU WSIS 2023 Summit in Geneva, Switzerland (tentative venue). Sponsorship has (so far) raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the prize fund.

There will be a total grand prize cash award for the team with top-honors across all 17 SDG experiences. This cash award will be split evenly between the #1 top ranked team in the 14-18 age group and the 19+ age group. There is also a cash prize purse amount for the top performing team WITHIN each of the 17 SDGs per age-group.

An information session will be held with Exponential Destiny for all members of the Immerse UK community who are interested in learning more, on Tuesday, Dec 13th, 12:30-1:30pm GMT. At this date and time, simply use this link to join:
(Alternatively, if you email with the subject “IMMERSE UK” they will send you a calendar invite)

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