Apply for funding to lead a consortium to deliver a new three-year creative research and development innovation programme, XRtists.

You will support the adoption and implementation of creative immersive technologies within the arts and culture sector across the UK.

The full economic cost (FEC) of your project can be up to £6,000,000. AHRC will fund:

non-exceptional costs at 80% FEC
exceptions (including devolved funding) at 100% FEC

The maximum duration is three years.

Projects must start on 1 February 2024.

This funding opportunity is being administered by AHRC on behalf of all the funding partners.

We are looking for applications from a consortium of organisations who, collectively, can deliver the activities, outputs and outcomes required for the XRtists programme.

Applications must be led by an organisation eligible to receive UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funding (the lead hub). Consortia must have an on the ground presence in all four UK nations, including partners based in at least two different regions of England.

As a minimum consortia must include five partners from across the UK. This will support one hub and a minimum of four regionally dispersed partners which must include:

two partners based in England, at least one of which must be outside of London
one partner based in Northern Ireland
one partner based in Scotland
one partner based in Wales
Consortia may include more partners, including a mix of partners from cultural organisations and the commercial sector as well as research organisations. The number and combination of these partners will be determined by consortia based on their ability to support the delivery of XRtists objectives and activities.

Consortium partners from cultural organisations and the commercial sector that contribute to the delivery of XRtists activities can receive funds from the consortium lead hub organisation to cover their involvement.

You can only apply once to be a lead hub organisation but may be named as a partner on multiple other applications.

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