Leading VR/games studio, nDreams, have announced a $2m fund available to co-fund and publish externally developed VR titles.

In addition to the opportunity for development funding, we can also provide studios with full publishing support, sharing our market knowledge, data insights, first party relationships and game marketing and sales experience. The publishing team between them has over 20 years experience in VR and have additionally worked for AAA publishers such as Ubisoft, Capcom, SEGA and WB Games.

“We know how difficult it can be to get a VR game to market successfully” said David Corless, VP of Publishing. “We want to share our knowledge with other studios to help them make the best game they can and to give those titles every chance of becoming a huge success, whether that be through development funding or solely publishing support.”

Led by Corless and Steve Tagger, Business Development Director, we’ll be looking for VR games that embrace the immersive, high-agency potential of the medium. Additionally, we can provide development support and expertise, including QA, localisation, production, and technical/design consultation.

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Full details about this fund can be found on the nDreams website