The Arts Council has designed this programme to encourage you to develop and deliver your ideas, linked to your artistic needs and to your future plans.

The aim of this programme is to assist organisations to deliver arts projects which contribute to the growth of arts in the community for new and existing audiences and which reflect the diversity of Northern Ireland’s society and culture.

We want to support activities which benefit the people of Northern Ireland or that help arts organisations in Northern Ireland carry out their work.

You can apply for an award between £500 and £10,000 for a project.

We aim to communicate decisions to you within 2 months of receiving your application. However, if you are applying far in advance of your project date, you may not receive the decision within 2 months, as we may prioritise the assessment of applications for projects which are happening sooner.

This fund has a rolling deadline: the final deadline for applications is Friday 31st March 2023.

Who can apply?
We welcome applications from the widest possible range of organisations. You will be required to provide proof that you have a legal constitution.

•  Registered charities and other organisations which cannot distribute profits
•  Groups of organisations working together to deliver specific projects
•  formally constituted parent-teacher associations

Who Cannot Apply?
•  Organisations currently in receipt of Arts Council funding from its Annual Funding or Lottery Project Funding programmes
•  Individuals or Sole traders
•  Commercial trading companies
•  Companies that exist to distribute a profit or which are constituted to allow payment of dividends to non-asset-locked bodies
•  Statutory authorities or organisations governed by statutory authorities i.e. ELB schools.

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