The Immerse UK Advisory Board is made up of leading industry figures from our founding member organisations. They support, guide and advise on all aspects of our work.

Board members include:

Sol Rogers (Chair) | REWIND

Alex Atteridge | High Value Manufacturing Catapult
Jame Bennett | Royal Holloway University of London/StoryFutures
John Cassey | Factory 42
Toby Coffey | National Theatre
Darren Cosker | University of Bath/Camera
David Edge | Arup
Anton Christodoulou| Imagination
Jeremy Dalton | PwC
Nadia Danhash | InnovationRCA
Lisa Eliasson | Unity
Sarah Ellis | Royal Shakespeare Company
Hattie Foster | Preloaded
Chris Freeman | Sublime
Rafael Guerro | Alder Hey
Dave Haynes | HTC Vive
Chris Hepburn | BAE Systems
Simon Jones | Unreal/Epic GamesĀ 
Robin McNicholas | Marshmallow Laser Feast
Leila Martin | Microsoft
Damian Murphy | University of York
Rab Scott | Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC)
Jeremy Silver | Digital Catapult
Jamie Smith | Sheridans