Ali Asadipour Academic Lead, Computer Science Research Centre, Royal College of Art

Anton Christodoulou Group Chief Technology Officer, Imagination

Chris Yiu Director of Public Policy for Northern Europe, Meta

Conor Black Associate, Arup

Damian Murphy Professor of Sound and Music Computing, University of York/ Director, XR Stories

David Edge Director and Experiential Environments Practice Lead, Arup

Fabrizio Galeazzi Associate Professor Heritage and Creative Technologies/ Deputy Director, StoryLab, ARU

Faisal Mushtaq Associate Director, Centre for Immersive Technologies, University of Leeds

Fridolin Wild Professor, Institute of Educational Technology, The Open University/ Lead, Performance Augmentation Lab (PAL)

Hattie Foster Strategy Director, Preloaded

Lily Jones Software Engineer, Edify

Marta Granda Nistal Associate and Design Studio Lead, Arup

Martin McDonnell CEO and Co-founder, Edify

Matt Sansam Deputy Director – Healthy Ageing Challenge, UKRI Innovate UK

Mike Lewis Director of Engineering, Edify

Mona Bozdog Lecturer Immersive Experience Design and Programme Co-Lead Game Design and Production, Abertay University

Muadh Al Kalbani Research Fellow in Human Computer Interaction, DMT Lab, Birmingham City University

Neill Campbell Professor of Visual Computing and Machine Learning, University of Bath/ Director, Centre for the Analysis of Motion, Entertainment Research and Applications (CAMERA)

Sean Wenham Director of Studio, Edify

Immerse UK Awards lead: 

Amy Chao Immersive Tech Consultant, Innovate UK KTN/ Community Lead, Immerse UK interviewed on The Immersive Media Podcast

Asha Easton Immerse UK Lead, Innovate UK KTN