Digital technologies afford new realities through virtual worlds, avatars, motion capture, facial recognition, and Artificial Intelligence. Yet it is still unclear how we can harness these technologies to build characters, stories, and worlds. We are asking ourselves what digital and theatrical strategies can we bring together to make new work, cross-pollinating the digital and the theatrical. We also wonder what kind of stories can we tell in the new realities of digital theatre and how we can address urgent issues of our times through AR and VR.

Theatre is facing an uncertain future. We know how important it is for those within the community to come together to discuss new possibilities for conceiving, making, and viewing performance. Whether you’re an expert in the field or simply someone with questions, we invite you to talk about the future of digital technology in theatre. We want to facilitate open conversations. You can propose topics and freely participate in discussions. This event is a great opportunity for anyone interested in the performative potential of technology.


AR&VR is becoming increasingly used in theatre, but we are only beginning to explore its potential for audience participation…

At this critical time for theatre, this event brings together cutting-edge artists, immersive tech & IT experts, cultural institutions, gamers, and academics to share knowledge and explore how AR & VR can be used in theatre – and what kind of stories we can tell by collaboratively harnessing the power of immersive tech.