Horizon Europe Framework Programme – Research and innovation on cultural heritage and CCIs II- 2022 (HORIZON-CL2-2022-HERITAGE-02)

The collaborative platform to be established should be the basis to build a strong CCI innovation ecosystem with all actors working together, also becoming active participants in EU R&I activities.

The challenge is to contribute to the development of a dynamic culture and creativity driven innovation ecosystem in Europe. Proposals should show how projects will:

Establish a strong, inclusive and representative network of and for the CCIs with a focus on research and innovation. The network should extend across CCI sectors at EU level, and establish connections to other important economic sectors. It should be an inclusive platform, which taps into the business potential of all CCI actors while supporting the green and digital transitions. The network should have the capacity to strengthen the innovation ecosystem, by facilitating cooperation, mutual learning and capacity building within R&I for and with the CCIs. Important aspects of the network include interoperability and scale. A collaborative platform should be used to this end.

Contribute to the design and prioritisation of EU policy actions, particularly R&I policy actions, that will create favourable conditions for the growth of a dynamic and well-functioning CCI-driven innovation ecosystem. This should include at least the following:

  • Assess needs for future R&I actions for the CCIs, and set up a priority list per sector and company size.
  • Map the needs of the CCIs in terms of technology investment, skills, policy and regulation, etc. to allow them to contribute to the EU’s 2030 Green Deal goals as well as to the digital transition.
  • Assess these needs at national & European levels and provide recommendations for EU level action.
  • Identify and propose key policy actions, including suitable regulatory innovation frameworks, needed to foment the creation of a culture and creativity driven European innovation ecosystem.

Proposals should also show how projects will contribute to raise awareness of the social, economic and job creation capacity of the CCIs, for example by means of demonstrations of innovations or novelties, along with other information and dissemination activities.

When developing the activities, projects should, where possible, link to, build on and further develop existing knowledge, activities, networks and structures, notably the ones funded by the European Union or developed by the CCIs. Such activities, networks and structures may include initiatives funded by Creative Europe, Digital Europe or platforms such as “Creatives Unite”.

Furthermore, proposals should show how projects will establish links to and seek synergies with closely related actions, such as relevant R&I actions funded by Horizon Europe or Horizon 2020. In particular, projects should establish links with the upcoming Knowledge and Innovation Community on cultural and creative sectors and industries.

One project will be funded, with a budget of €6m. Deadline: 21 September 2022 17:00:00 Brussels time.

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