We’re partnering with the Danish Arts Foundation, Arts Council Norway and Julie’s Bicycle to support a third year of the International Touring and Environmental Responsibility fund. This unique programme aims to foster relationships between artists and companies based in Denmark, Norway, and England, supporting them to develop new, environmentally responsible approaches to international touring and collaboration.

Travel and touring are essential to creativity and culture, but they come at a cost. As the urgency of the climate crisis increases, so does the need for our sector to fully understand its touring footprint, and to sustain a means of sharing art which supports our transition to a global low carbon future.

This programme aims to support performing arts professionals in England, Norway, and Denmark to tackle these challenges head on. Beginning in February 2024, the selected artists and companies (eight based in England, eight based in Denmark, eight based in Norway) will benefit from a three-month interactive online programme exploring key touring challenges, with provocations, frameworks, and practical approaches to reducing their carbon and environmental impacts. Following the online programme, participants will be invited to apply for project funding in partnership with one another to seed fund concepts originating from the programme. The successful partnerships will be awarded up to £30,000 (for trilateral partnerships representing all three countries) or up to £20,000 (for bilateral partnerships representing only two of the countries) and announced in May 2024 with projects commenced in September 2024.

Please submit your application, written in English, to join the interactive online programme by 12pm, midday on 30 November 2023.

Find out more and apply.