The Unity for Humanity program empowers real-time 3D creators to make the world a better place by helping bring their visions to life and amplifying their impact.

We provide funding and technical support for RT3D impact projects. This year, we’re collaborating with the Inspiring Children Foundation, founded by award-winning artist and mental health advocate, Jewel.

We’re awarding $500,000 USD total, including a grant specifically awarded to a project that promotes holistic health for youth in alignment with Jewel’s Inspiring Children Foundation.

Impact driven projects of any genre (i.e., game, XR, film, solution) created using any RT3D platform (Unity, Unreal, Quill, etc.) are eligible to apply. Impact is defined as supporting any of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Projects must be in production beyond conceptualization with a prototype or demo.

Projects must be charitable in nature. We encourage you to submit projects affiliated with a nonprofit organization. Grants cannot be made to an individual, so please include your nonprofit, studio, or other legal entity with your application.

Apply by January 5th 2024.