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Immerse UK/Unity VR Game Workshop

Take your Unity skills to the next level with this practical deep dive into the principles of VR development.

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Webinar recording: Space for All – Harnessing the power of Geospatial Data in Immersive Technology and Gaming Development

Watch this webinar recording from Immerse UK, KTN and Enterprise M3 LEP to explore the collective geospatial, gaming and immersive UK communities. Recorded 10 December 2020.


Webinar recording: A Fireside Chat with PwC’s Jeremy Dalton

Watch our fireside chat with Jeremy Dalton, PwC’s Head of XR to explore the immersive tech landscape, how UK organisations are using XR and where we are seeing the biggest impact. Recorded 8 December 2020.


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Webinar recording: The Future of XR & Manufacturing

Where are the potential opportunities for manufacturers to harness the power of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies into their businesses? Delivered by Immerse UK as part of Digital Manufacturing Week this webinar explores the future of immersive technology in manufacturing. Recorded 9 November 2020.


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Immerse UK and Musemio present: Culture Reimagined Virtual Summit

Watch the recording of the UK’s newest summit, Culture Reimagined which explores immersive innovation in the museums and cultural sector. Organised by Musemio in partnership with Immerse UK. Recorded 24 Nov 2020.


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Immerse UK/Unity Online Bootcamp: Unleashing Unity for XR Content Creation

Join this free and exclusive premium members’ course to learn fundamental Unity skills and gain an overview of how realtime technology is revolutionising the creative process.

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Webinar recording: Barclays Eagle Labs and Immerse UK presents: End of Life, Grief + XR

Watch this recording that explores the role immersive technologies can play in palliative care, and new ways we can create a more grief literate society. Recorded 25 Nov 2020.



Webinar recording: Microsoft Hololens & the UK Ventilator Challenge

Webinar recording: Get the insider view on how Microsoft HoloLens 2 and mixed reality were harnessed to rapidly train thousands of workers and make a crucial contribution to the UK’s Ventilator Challenge.¬† Recorded 8 October 2020.


Paediatrics and XR

Webinar recording: Barclays Eagle Labs and Immerse UK present: Paediatrics, XR & Mental Health

Immerse UK teamed up with Barclays Eagle Labs for a free webinar on 10 September to explore the potential of XR to spark a new approach to emotional intelligence and mental wellbeing in children.


Webinar recording: The Future of XR & Virtual Production

Hear more from our expert industry panel about how virtual production is disrupting traditional workflows in film and TV production. Recorded 24 August 2020.


Webinar recording: The Future of XR in Education

How can immersive technologies such as virtual, augmented and mixed reality be harnessed to develop engaging and inclusive educational experiences, both now and in the future?


Webinar recording: Immersive Commercial Entertainment – Current & Future Business

Watch our webinar recording with a panel of industry experts to explore the location based experiences market, including the impact of Covid-19 both now and in the future. Recorded 3 July 2020.