Get ready to follow the rhymes. Playlines proudly presents CONSEQUENCES, in partnership with Bose AR.

In May 2019 a sold-out pop-up was launched to experience a brand new kind of night out with CONSEQUENCES, an immersive, audio-AR hip-hop experience created in collaboration with multi-award-winning MC Harry Shotta.

Off the back of this success, the show was chosen to be part of Digital Catapult’s ‘Surroundscapes’ showcases, and was commissioned by BOSE as their headline experience at the 2019 RAINDANCE Film Festival Immersive Gallery.

Become a character in an exclusive Grime concept album, choose your path, and discover one of six possible endings.

Its Silent Disco meets Secret Cinema in CONSEQUENCES, which mixing cutting-edge AR technology with real-world performances and explorable choose-your-own-adventure stories.

To learn more about CONSEQUENCES and find out upcoming dates please drop us a line via

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