Hey everyone!

I’m very excited to announce the beta version of Holo-SDK for Desktop AR technology.

What is Desktop AR?

Desktop AR is a technique that enables laptop and desktop computers to produce AR effect without needing a phone or a headset. It creates the illusion of 3D objects floating in front of a screen by rendering red-blue 3D images according to a user’s viewing position. User can download the play Desktop AR apps by using their computer, webcam, and anaglyph glasses. You can download sample Desktop AR apps here:


What’s cool about it?

– You get the holographic experience and seeing things floating in front of the screen. Here is a YouTube demo of what it felt like when playing a Desktop AR (https://youtu.be/cuvJxsB285k). Yes, the color will be a bit purple-ish because of the red-blue glasses. If that is what bothers you, you can also use active/passive 3D display to overcome this issue.

– Users do not need to have AR glasses or headset, which tends to be pricy. Desktop AR utilizes hardware that everyone already has and red-blue glasses that are available online for a low price. This also means that more potential users for your Desktop AR applications.

– More immersive than mobile AR. Mobile AR’s experience is limited by small display size and lack of stereoscopic. Unlike Desktop AR and AR glasses, Mobile AR enhances the realism of a video that a user sees on a device, rather than enhancing the viewing experience of the user directly.

How to make your own Desktop AR app?

You can make Desktop AR apps by using Holo-SDK. Holo-SDK is a unity-plugin. You can download and start developing going to (https://www.holo-sdk.com/get-started). We do have a free developer license there, so you can play with the tech without cost. We also have documents (https://docs.holo-sdk.com/docs/holo-sdk-manual/overview/), so that you can use the SDK easier.