Today emerging technologies, such as AR/VR/AI are driving advances in the way we do business and live our lives.

One such example is the Pokémon GO app. Its innovative and award-winning gameplay dynamics, using augmented reality, improves coordination, brain speed and enhances memory and will likely influence the design of AR experiences for years to come. More importantly the game has broader health and social impacts, giving the opportunity for kids to spend time outdoors with their parents again.

Another example is one of ABGI’s clients, who developed an app that allows users to create their own museum at home. Serpentine Galleries and our client worked together to bring to life the final large-scale public artwork of a Bulgarian born artisit, “The London Mastaba” in augmented reality. Accessible via the free Acute Art app, “The London Mastaba AR (Hyde Park)” offers art enthusiasts the opportunity to discover an exact virtual replica of the installation through their mobile phones when they visit the Serpentine Lake. App users are able to place, capture, and document these AR works, at different locations using the Acute Art app.

As well as creating a ground-breaking art app, ABGI’s client is in line to receive a generous R&D tax relief in recognition of its efforts to advance the baseline of knowledge in the VR world. If you would like to find out how ABGI can help you fund your innovative projects, please call or email Georgina on 07494 499954 or