The EarthSongs digital app delivers a unique and immersive exploration of wild soundscapes from around the world utilising mobile and spatial computing technology, object based audio and beguiling, abstract 3D interactive digital imagery.

The concept can be configured to multiple digital platforms and delivery modes with a specific focus on mixed reality and Magic Leap technology, mobile augmented reality and projection mapping making it an ideal location-based, education and home entertainment experience.

The aim is to enthral and enlighten a diverse global audience whilst inspiring a deep and personal connection to the natural world in a new and intuitive way.

EarthSongs Phase 2 is currently in development and seeking funding.

Phase 1 (prototype) has had four highly successful public showcases (2xUK and 2xUS) since July 2019.

Audience feedback – 85% 4* & 5*, 70% “I’d buy a ticket”, 52% “suitable for all ages”.

Audience comments –

“Really stunning experience.”

“By far the best Magic Leap experience I have tried! The first time I finally feel like I understand what Magic Leap is all about.”

“Very lyrical and fun”

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