Mobile game for all the family with a focus on kids from 6 to 10. AR charades cards, online Charades, friendly education bot, Animoji Chat.

Emoji Game designed for family playing charades through the week on mobile phone and interactive AR card for the weekend. The main aim is to create playful content for young audiences who don’t see much difference between TV, web interaction and smartphone apps in terms of engagement and entertainment value.

This game helps to develop emotional connections between family members especially with some who live in other countries.

We want to give a tool which helps to connect grandparents and grandkids even if they don’t speak the same language. For this reason we want to combine classic charade game with digital phenomen Emoji into unique secret family language.

This app also include parents moderated AI bot with educational content and funny videos about counting, animals and technologies. This virtual friend gently helps to kids easily get into understanding of digital environment.

The mobile app prototype build in Marvel App with simple examples of basic interaction and UX design.

AR extensions was prototyped in Zappar App

EMOCEAN received a great reaction from external industry advisers.

Made in NFTS as part of CPDP course.