While most Innovate UK grants have been closed for application until further notice, there are still some funding options available for companies looking to develop AI, AR and VR technologies for application in the aerospace sector.

The NATEP programme provides support to encourage collaborative R&D in the development of innovative technologies with aerospace applications. As well as providing grant funding, the programme offers high calibre technical and management resources to help companies bring their technology to market.

One recent project developed and trialled Augmented Reality learning for aerospace engineering and manufacturing environments, utilising AR glasses for intuitive point-of-need training and knowledge.

While a second project applied existing dual optical and video pan-tilt-zoom camera capability to include a novel detection, classification and tracking module, allowing security authorities to effectively police UAVs in security sensitive areas.

If you have a project which you think may qualify for NATEP support or would like to discuss other funding options for your innovation project contact us at ImmerseUK@abgi-uk.com for further information.