The challenge:

To create an educational and interactive videogame,

with multiple intervenients, in different sorts of hardware.

To do so with a simple, accessible and appealing language that would allow the tutor to be agile in preparing these sessions and so that these sessions would be interesting and exciting for those participating.

How did we tackle the issue?

The end-result was a game where the user’s choice is the core mechanic. Every scenario presents the user with multiple choices and each choice impacts the rest of the game, for that specific user.

These choice and their consequences, in turn, allow for a better teaching environment for financial literacy, with a more practical approach.

Through our backoffice, we can access the preparation phase of all activities and with the control panel we can interact with participants who, in turn, with their tablets, answer our questions in real time.

This project included:

• Backoffice, projection, control panel, videogame.

• Videogame animation

• Quizzes or wild cards

• Real time monitoring

• Real time activity adjustments

• Results analysis

• Time control

• Activity upload

• Ability to edit activity modules

You can find more about it in this video: