It assists companies in implementing customized gamification strategies that will drive up business results by boosting workplace engagement.

It supercharges the regular workplace operation by enabling management to choose the right game mechanics and reward systems that will motivate employees to achieve better results and grow as professionals.

Managers at several levels are able to set specific goals for their teams and employees, create missions to serve as guideposts for the operation, or highlight achievements through badges designed specifically for the milestones a company wants to achieve.

Employees can follow their performance in real time and get feedback on their progress, either through their main dashboard or by comparing their own performance with their peers in leaderboards tailored to each company’s specificities, or even by looking at a global activity feed.


A solution to increase attendee engagement with other attendees, to boost the network experience between companies present at the venue, and to enhance the event itself.

Therefore, we have created an Events App that promises:

Easy access via smartphone

Provide event-relevant content within the app

To create engagement mechanics that incentivize participants to:

• Actively participate in event’s talks & workshops

• Compete among themselves for the top spots in the event’s


• Social media integration so content can be easily shared

• Survey system