Create an immersive learning VR experience around interpersonal soft skills training integrating the TGROW coaching model, using experience gained from previous deployments to provide a unique learning outcome for Severn Trent.

Use Case

Severn Trent previously engaged with Make Real to create a Virtual Reality proof-of-concept learning experience based upon hard skills associated with water leak resolution training. Based upon benefits seen with other clients, create a cost-effective, impactful training experience around management coaching training using existing Severn Trent materials.


Due to deployment date of early 2020 and COVID-19 coronavirus impact, full-scale training and use of the experience has not yet been achievable however immersive learning experiences using VR for training interpersonal soft skills scenarios show the following benefits:

Reduced time to train – Learning objectives can be delivered in shorter sessions anywhere

Reduced costs to train – Learners do not need access to real world assets or travel for training

Improved training scenarios – Edge cases and greater depth of interaction and involvement

Repeatable – Virtual simulations can be easily replayed and repeated or customised

Consistent – Many forms of traditional training suffer from consistency of training where humans are involved to provide the same level of quality over and over