E: sergio@tapgaze.com

T: +447799411298

W: https://www.tapgaze.com

Tapgaze is a canvas art community of technology enthusiasts and art admirers. Members connect and share wall art via a smartphone or tablet app in augmented reality (AR). Members can upload paintings, prints, and photograph images with the frame in 3D to our service.

In these physically distanced times, Tapgaze helps us stay connected with artists and their art in its real size and as presented by its creators.

We provide a simple tool to design for your 3D artwork:

Real Life Size: Design the 3D frame – boxed, tray, floating are just a few of the available choices.

Material Properties: Choose across a wide and increasing range of materials, set smoothness and tint.

Catalogue Index: Catalogue and describe your artwork to build your story.

We have released Tapgaze in beta. We are making the app freely available to support the first 200 professional artists & exhibitors until Jan-2022 and grow our community. Those who sign up to the community and actively participate during our beta version will not be charged after 2022.

Tapgaze is developed and owned by Rendergon Limited, an augmented reality studio based in London. We provide the option of listing your art in Tapgaze shared app or creating your own fully branded, standalone AR app with the ability to onboard unlimited art.

Latest release 1 November 2020