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(written in Dec21)

UDOU The Extended World Edition is the latest sculpture from the series UDOU, a piece that was created for Corsica Studios’ Schemata: IDENT in New Art City. UDOU questions the illusion of freedom. The every-person who dangles in the air, can only see in one direction. But we, the viewers have a wider view and can see the claws holding up the every-person. Freedom to be who you are and the control we believe we have over our lives is nothing more than a fairytale.

UDOU2, the follow up to the original, shows the every-person with company – there are more of us either blissfully unaware or accepting of the absurdist illusion forced upon each every-person. UDOU The Extended World Edition steps even further back. Here we see an army of every-persons… all being held up by the UDOU claws (UDOU does state ‘terms and conditions apply’ but the every-person hasn’t seen this. Furthermore, UDOU is further inscribed, the message in its entirety: UDOU as long as you’re doing us.

The facts are hidden in plain sight for anyone curious enough to look. This third installment shows that perhaps there is an every-person out there who is willing and wants to challenge the status quo. You can explore the inside of the extended world edition at New Art City where it is currently being exhibited, alas, upside down… and as the name suggests at a virtual world scale.