Unilabs is a clinical analysis group that owns over 65 different laboratories, in Portugal.

Their goal was to unify the culture of these 65 different companies into a single mission, vision and purpose.

Unilabs also wanted their employees to have access to business goals and performance information. This allow Unilabs to organize areas,

teams and services so they can have KPI’s that are measured, helping the digital transformation of Unilabs and opening the way for management

services standardization.

This brought Unitravel to life.

During the first 3 months,the app had an engagement of 70% of the 300 employees participating in the pilot.

Gamification brought an informal feel to what could otherwise be faced as yet another task and made all interaction more fluid and organic.

Culture unification is achieved through messages within the platform and special pop-up quizzes that the users can take.

You can find out more about Unilabs in this video: