The Technological University El Retoño (UTR) celebrated the grand opening on 10th September, of the new VR Center located in Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Immersive technologies have the potential to revolutionise the way universities deliver course content, enabling learners to access spaces and engage with experiences that might otherwise be unavailable to them. Considering that the use of VR has become a reliable technological trend in education, UTR, a higher education leading university in Mexico, is committed to create the future world’s best leaders by incorporating VR technology as a distinguishing element of its academic offer.

The new VR center is a 500m²space, designed to create an engaging and personalized environment, that opens new opportunities for deeper learning. A new lab center where UTR fosters the exploration and learning by doing experiences.

This new Virtual Reality room is deployed in a technology patented by the company Virtualware called VIROO. It is complete solution that enables companies and institutions to create workspaces where maximize the high potential of VR technology. making UTR capable to create the biggest VR Center of the world.

Composed of the most advanced hardware technology and a powerful software platform, this innovative VR centre will allow both UTR students and teachers to create, manage and deploy learning resources and activities in a simple way, adjusted to the different levels and subjects.

This is a new concept that allows teachers to train the professionals of the future. It helps to increase students’ motivation, provides a quick assimilation of complex concepts and processes, promotes cooperation, and generates memories.

This VR Center is the materialization of the alliance between strategic sectors in the benefits of our students and the society in general. The future what you can expect is the one you can create.