(TOCC) was conceived from a desire to push technology further, to embrace and ultimately provide solutions in an ever-changing and erratic landscape. The inception of 5G has been crucial in this journey…the possibilities for adaptable / flexible communication are limitless.

In partnership with Vodafone, we have collaborated with Gamoola, Xpllore and The Grid Factory to create, develop and implement the world’s first VR Anatomical Learning platform across a standalone 5G network.

In a ground-breaking venture designed to enhance the learning process for medical students, VR Anatomic Learning is an immersive virtual reality 3D educational simulation.

Offering a vital and unique antidote to restrictions surrounding access to educational facilities and necessary equipment, VR Anatomic Learning empowers users by providing a simple yet incredible opportunity for all students to train to an equal level, within the same timeframe and from anywhere in the world, catapulting the online learning experience into a truly dynamic and innovative sphere.