POY VR Kawaii Karaoke is an immersive music and singing experience with game elements.

Players sing alternative pop songs and immerse themselves amongst the friendliest, most supportive karaoke audience ever – cute interactive characters living in a beautiful kawaii style world.

Kawaii karaoke allows singing and dancing with a virtual audience, to help build confidence, improve mood and relieve stress.

VR Kawaii Karaoke is an experimental and innovative project which aim to connect the user with a virtual audience using the newest features of VR and emerging technologies as realtime generators and connection with machine learning.

The VR demo included a 6-DoF experience with animated song lyrics, audio-reactive shader, syncing shader colours with audio, a kawaii-style landscape, nine animated high-quality 3D prototypes of cute characters with voice-activated interaction.

Made in NFTS as part of CPDP course.