Worten is a retail leader in consumer electronics, with over 20 years of experience, in the Iberian Market.

The internet brought a ton of new challenges to the industry and the company itself: the way to buy changed, the consumer became more independent and more well-informed. Worten’s success formula based on price, client proximity and the product itself, lost power.

Innovating while maintaining the human touch became

a critical matter.

The Challenge – To bring recognition and celebration to Worten employees’ everyday lives, reinventing internal processes and the workforce management system for the roughly 3000 people across more than 200 stores of the retail chain.

Winners has brought a new way to manage its sales force through a gamified incentives program that offers:

• An automatic process to calculate objectives and rewards.

• A fair system based on common criteria for every employee.

• A transparent system where objectives are communicated and visible to everyone and are calculated based on budget.

• A flexible system aligned with business objectives.

• A system that differentiates, highlights and rewards the outliers.

• Gamified techniques and mechanics that engage the sales team with their objectives, making them more productive, motivated and happy during their day.

You can find more about Worten Winners in this video: