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The creative industries (CI) contributed £104bn GVA to the UK economy in 2021 which is greater than aerospace, automotive, life sciences and oil and gas sectors combined. They account for 12% of UK exports (2019 figures), employ 2 million people across the UK, while supporting 1.4 million jobs across the supply chain.
The CI sector includes TV, film, games, advertising, music and digital media. This sector has been, to date, one of the largest drivers for the immersive market with games being the main reason consumers are making hardware purchases.


Jessica Driscoll
Head of Immersive Technology, Digital Catapult

An immersive technology specialist Jessica Driscoll is the Head of Immersive Technology at Digital Catapult. She has an MA in Digital Culture and Technology and experience of working with a variety of technologies from virtual reality, augmented reality and haptics in the creativ...

Liz Rosenthal
Curator, executive producer

Curator, executive producer and pioneer of immersive and interactive creative media. Liz is Curator of Venice Biennale’s International Film Festival's Official Selection and Competition programme Venice Immersive, Executive Producer of immersive content accelerator programme...