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Sol Rogers on the Audience of the Future Challenge Fund
30 April 2018

The UK is a global leader in the immersive tech sector. But how can the ISCF Audience of the Future Challenge Fund help to support our industry to grow and thrive?


Our new look website is now live!
23 April 2018

If you are looking for new collaborators, business opportunities or to make new connections across a wide range of industries, our upgraded website will help widen your network. And it launches today!


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21 May

ISCF Audience of the Future – Demonstrator Briefing – London

innovate uk event
immerse uk event

This morning session, starting 9:30am will give you the chance to meet the teams behind the Future Demonstrator competition, learn more about the scope of funding on offer, ask questions and meet potential partners and collaborators.


What is Immerse UK?

Immerse UK brings together industry, researchers and research organisations, the public sector, entrepreneurs, innovators and end users to support the UK in becoming the global leader in applications of immersive technologies: high-end visualisation, virtual, mixed, and augmented reality, haptics and other sensory interfaces with data.

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  • – pointing to the latest funding and finance opportunities from across all industries in the UK economy;
  • – addressing the pressing issues that slow down R&D and barriers to innovation;
  • – identifying the opportunities for growth in the emerging marketplace.


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Immerse UK is supported by Innovate UK and managed by the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) as a Special Interest Group (SIG).

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Find out how you can apply for a share of the Audience of the Future fund & build partnerships for moving image projects at consortia building event in London on 21/5 - Apply now! @CE_Programme @UKRI_News @KTN_Creative #AudienceFuture #IndustrialStrategy

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