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Linking Audience of the Future to excellence in Universities
29 June 2018

There are over 160 Universities in the UK, many specialising in and becoming world leaders at immersive tech research. So how can our UK businesses tap into this expertise? Immerse UK’s Fiona Kilkelly shares her thoughts.


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The Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund – Opportunities for Immersive Technologies
21 June 2018

Immerse UK’s Fiona Kilkelly shares her overview of the current round of the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund competitions and highlights where there are even more opportunities for immersive tech businesses.


FIona Kilkelly at ARVR Innovate

Immerse UK at ARVR Innovate: Taking the message to international audiences
16 June 2018

With the aim of helping UK companies collaborate with Irish companies innovating in immersive tech, Immerse UK ‘s Fiona Kilkelly presented at AR/VR Innovate in Dublin.


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Blog: Will Saunders on the trade opportunities with India
8 June 2018

As the Immersive Economy in the UK Report highlights, UK immersive businesses are well places to export. What could this mean for a future working relationship with India?


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Challenge alert: CivTech Programme
7 June 2018

Take a Challenge, solve it, and win contracts with a blue-chip public sector organisation. You’ll build a product, and a business to take it as far as possible.


June Funding round-up
31 May 2018

Looking for funding for your business innovations? We’ve rounded up the relevant public funding and competitions that have been announced and are open for applications in June.


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The first Audience of the Future competitions launch
21 May 2018

Up to £17m of funding was launched on Monday 21 May; with the first two competitions from the ISCF £33m Audience of the Future Challenge opening for applications.


Immersive Economy in the UK Report launches
21 May 2018

The study is the first of its kind to map the UK immersive sector. It highlights the sector is growing rapidly with 1,000 specialist companies across the UK with an expected turnover that could reach £1bn this year.


Sol Rogers on the Audience of the Future Challenge Fund
30 April 2018

The UK is a global leader in the immersive tech sector. But how can the ISCF Audience of the Future Challenge Fund help to support our industry to grow and thrive?


Our new look website is now live!
23 April 2018

If you are looking for new collaborators, business opportunities or to make new connections across a wide range of industries, our upgraded website will help widen your network. And it launches today!


KTN events in April-May 2018
16 April 2018

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) events aim to connect you to connect you to a network of business, academics and other innovation support providers. These events also share showcase innovations across all sectors of the UK economy.


BSI Augmented and Virtual Reality Standards Report is now available
16 April 2018

As the immersive tech sector is growing at a fast rate, making sure that the industry has the skills, talent and best practice ways of working is crucial for its ongoing success….