An original short film about a child introduced to a world of music, magic by an imaginary friend.

Imagination is an experimental real-time short film created to explore storytelling in extended reality.

Staring – Amelia Harvey, Serena Bliss, Molly McKenzie, Noah McLean and Felicity Drever-McLean

Set to an original piano composition by Paula deChelly.

Produced by Creative Alchemy One – filmed at Black-Light XR Studio Edinburgh – powered by Lucid Technologies with support from Edinburgh Dance School/Ballroom Juniors.

Filmed in a “reality capture” 3d digital scenic environment built using a photogrammetry reconstruction of the The Hallwyl Museum in Stockholm Sweden.

Retopologized, remodeled, retextured and un-lit in Maya and Substance.

Assembled, animated, lit and rendered in Notch VFX – composited and managed by disguise XR technology.

Integrating camera and performer tracking in combination with a digital avatar controlled using an inertial motion capture setup integrating Noitom, BlackTrax and Stage Precision – for volumetric perspective based interactions between the camera, performer, digital environment, physical lighting and ROE LED stage in real time.

With this production we developed our team understanding and achieved

12 technical aspirations:

Reality capture environmental workflow

Realtime avatar integration

Double process volumetric capture (green screen/xr)

Performer tracking with digital augmentation

Camera tracking – dynamic Z-Clipping multi-plate workflow

Camera tracking – object based multi-plate workflow.

Multi-room & interior/exterior parallax

Post production use of XR filmed content in rendered reflection workflow.

Real lighting performer occlusion on virtual props.

Non-raytracing virtual world mirror reflection of live avatar.

Photorealistic prop painting and asset development.

Trackable workflow metric