MOKSHA focuses on integrating a more powerful subset of machine learning called deep learning, which essentially simulates how neuron’s in the human brain

strengthen connections between one another to learn. The smartphone else VR headset will gather data via eye tracking, wearable data and native SDK software +

brain sensor to identify which neural symptoms correlate with stress, depression, anxiety and then present customised immersive treatments to support or identify

the patients rehab process. A future in which brain-computer Interface and signal processing techniques are more than just tools that execute human-programmed

rules or generalise from human-curated data sets.

Our state-of-the-art technology will influence behaviour change and improve mental health and well-being, powered by proprietary machine learning algorithms with deep neuroscience knowledge.


Targeting medical students & professionals to practice and learn within a VR environment at no risk at all. Medical schools can use MOKSHA to effectively train students and help professionals refresh their skills over old-school training techniques.