The Weavr consortium comprises ESL, REWIND (now Magnopus), the University of York, Cybula, dock10, and Focal Point VR. It brings together academics and innovators across immersive technologies, data-driven content production, and broadcast.

The Weavr platform moves away from the linear “one-for-all” esports broadcasts to a highly immersive and personalised experience seamlessly integrating linear footage, multi-screens apps, data-driven content, virtual reality, augmented reality and mixed reality. The current version utilises second-screen technology via the companion app and a virtual reality element via a fully immersive VR headset.

With the app, Dota 2 players and fans can stay on top of the action wherever they are, with an intelligent live map that utilises lane analytics, tower overlays, and an in-house win prediction. The analytics engine also detects extraordinary moments and serves users with a story feed that is uniquely tailored to them.

There’s no such thing as confusing statistics in the Weavr experience. Game-changing context allows users to compare the performance of their favourite players in real-time, including rare stats such as camps stacked, wards placed and damage done. An entirely new statistic – performance index – has also been introduced which shows users who has the most impact on the game.

The Weavr Dota 2 Companion App BETA preview is available to download for free on the Google Play Store