Webinar recording: How to Scope Immersive Apps for Education

Dr Neil McDonnell (University of Glasgow) and Martin McDonnell (Soluis and Sublime) take a deep dive into the development of XR education platforms, including Sublime’s Edify. Recorded 5 August 2020.


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Webinar recording: High-precision creativity: the joy of asymmetric VR controls

Want more flow in your VR creative work? Multi-disciplined creator and creative media executive, Rafi Nizam, shares his expertise in mixing Vive controllers with Logitech’s VR Ink stylus to create a natural Spatial Design experience for ideation and visual storytelling workflows. Recorded 24 June 2020.

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Webinar recording: How to win over hearts and minds with immersive and creative technology

Immersive artist, Sean Rodrigo explores the ways that immersive and creative technology is being blended in the entertainment, design and gaming worlds to create stronger, more robust products. Recorded 17 June 2020.

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Webinar recording: The impact of eye tracking on immersive tech with Tobii

Laurens van den Broek and Andy Drake from world leading eye tracking company, Tobii explore how eyetracking can help to measure and enhance VR experiences. Recorded 27 May 2020.

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Webinar recording: Digital avatars, holograms and holobots in fashion

Fashion-tech trailblazer, Matthew Drinkwater from the Fashion Innovation Agency at the London College of Fashion explores the potential of  immersive technology to transform the business of fashion. Recorded 13 May 2020.

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Webinar recording: Motion Capture, 3D Tracking and Contemporary Usage

Allan Rankin and Ashley Keeler from Target3D give a whistlestop exploration of 3D tracking and motion capture and how these innovations can be applied in immersive tech. Recorded 29 April 2020.

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Webinar recording: Spatial sound and audio workflow for immersive

Hear more from leading sound experts, Joseph Mott & Ted White Join us to discuss the latest industry developments and challenges in spatial sound, including an exploration of audio workflow in the production of immersive content. Recorded 15 April.

Our Lunchtime Live webinar programme to June 2020

Find out more about our planned Lunchtime Live webinars that will be taking place from March-June 2020 that will address key challenges and opportunities facing the UK’s immersive tech sector.


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Webinar recording: AI-Driven Characters

Sylvia Pan, Marco Gillies and Cristina Dobre from Goldsmiths, University of London explore the potential, and challenges, of combining virtual reality and artificial intelligence. Recorded 1 April

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Webinar recording: Immersive Tech & Cultural Heritage – storytelling for emotional engagement

Maria Economou, Professor of Digital Cultural Heritage at the University of Glasgow and the Hunterian Museum explores the role of immersive tech in digital cultural heritage interpretation in attracting diverse audience and engaging them more deeply. Recorded 19 February 2020.

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Webinar recording: XR and healthcare – working with the NHS

Healthcare experts Ross O’Brien and Sarah Ticho explore the variety of ways that immersive technologies can be used in healthcare and learn more about the realities of working with the NHS. Recorded 12 February 2020.

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Webinar recording: XR Inclusion & Accessibility

Christine Hemphill from Open Inclusion explores inclusion design, highlighting why, and how, immersive tech businesses should address accessibility and inclusivity. Recorded 29 January